Health is our #1 Asset

As we transition from Thanksgiving season into the holiday season, it is easy to get lost in advertising ads, the next best item, and the social stigma to spend more money on material items.  We find ourselves running around to all the stores, making sure we get all the gifts that our loved ones have mentioned they may want. Not only are we spending a lot of money, but our society is generally more stressed during this season as well. This addition of stress often leads to sickness, as our immune system is suppressed and our nervous systems work resiliently to adapt to these stressors. Even with the Christmas cheer in the air, sometimes the holiday season is not as enjoyable as we hoped it would be.  However, it does not have to be this way!

When we invest all of our time and energy in others, we tend to lose track of taking care of ourselves.  The one constant that will never change is that we must invest in ourselves in order to invest in those that we love.  Beyond that, you have the opportunity to lead your families health in whatever direction you choose. It will come as no surprise that a health-related office is reminding you that your health is your #1 asset this holiday season, but the reminder is for all of the people out there that are so busy taking care of what needs to be done that they lose sight of the underlying foundation, which is their health.  This holiday season, prioritize your spending to reflect that of a healthy household; make the decision to set your spouse and kiddos up for success in their health; give them the best gift of all, which is a lifetime of optimal health!

Our passion here at Resilience Chiropractic is to make sure your nervous system is functioning at its optimal best, allowing the brain to communicate and send signals to every organ, muscle, tissue, and cell in your body.  Since the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in your body, it only makes sense to go right to the power source. We detect areas in the spine that are interfering with proper nerve flow and remove that interference using gentle chiropractic adjustments.  This allows our practice members to heal from the inside out, the way God intended them to, and once we provide the body with the opportunity to communicate properly, the body can adapt and heal in amazing ways.

If you are interested in taking control of your health… in taking care of yourself so you can better love others… in setting your family up for a lifetime of good health… and would like to lead your family in this way, do not wait for the “right time.”  The “right time” is now, and only you have the ability to make that decision. This holiday season look at what material items you can do without, what stressors you may have, and decide on a solution to take control of your most important asset – your health.  

We love and appreciate you,

Resilience Chiropractic

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  1. Aerial
    Aerial says:

    I never thought about how stress can affect my health until Dr Rob and Chelsea explained this to me! Very thankful for the care they provided for me and my family. Merry Christmas!


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